A Few little Things

you’ve got to learn to appreciate the little things
in life;

like a good cup of coffee, or a
fresh-smelling flower,
or the smile of

a stranger
as you pass on the streets.

the world is a monumental beast, frightening and discouraging, but
in small doses, it is
the most beautiful thing you’ll ever discover.

People have always been within my pictures. I was obsessed by the people on the street and somehow I still am.

Recently though my gaze has been held by something else. By things that probably in the past I would have ignored. Something has changed, maybe in the world or maybe inside me, but now my gaze holds on these small moments, catching their beauty.

We walk, we grind cobblestones under our feet, we catch flights to reach the farthest places hoping to find some answers. Maybe though such answers have always been next to us, hidden in a few little things.