703 is the room number of a dilapidated hotel on 49th which accommodated me for 10 days in New York.
I’ve always lived in a small town and being thrown into this megalopolis, proclaimed home to street photography, literally cought me on the hop.
NY, with its multitude of stimuli, cought my eye at every corner. I felt overwhelmed facing an unfathomable city, that a lifetime wouldn’t suffice to disclose.
I tried and take away as much as I could grasp and I decided to put everything down on paper.
While you leaf through this book, I hope to bring you with me among the smells, the traffic noises, the endless buildings, the steaming streets and that mix of people which make “The City” unforgettable.

Self-Published in March 2016.

Text and photos by Federico Arcangeli.

Softcover with dustcover – 110x180mm – 255 pages offset quality paper – 128 blackandwhite photographs – Edition of 100, numbered and signed.


Federico Arcangeli – 703 – Download